Q: I am using an architect – so what are the advantages and benefits your project management services would offer?

A: Architects are design professionals. Their main focus is on design and not always on the how its constructed or the cost and quality of construction. Buildwise Projects bring building expertise to the table during the design phase of a project – we call this “buildability”. Often our input can save you money when it comes to building the project. We add value by looking at materials selections, how new works are integrated with existing parts of the building and opportunities for cost savings. We will make you aware of the risk areas.

Buildwise Projects then monitors the project and carries out regular inspections during construction. We take a pragmatic approach to problem solving. We ensure the design intention is preserved and quality maintained.

We have extensive knowledge of building contracts and how they operate together with your rights and responsibilities and those of the builder. Our knowledge often protects clients from excessive cost escalation and overclaiming on works by the builder.

Q: We have problems with the builder and the cost of variations. Can you assist?

A: Buildwise Projects can quickly get up to speed with your project. We can assess the cost variations and provide guidance and advice. If necessary, we can negotiate with the builder or seek alternative prices from other contractors.

Q: Can you help us sort out the works the builder has not included such as the pool and landscaping?

A: Yes Buildwise Projects can offer this type of service as part of our project management package. We often manage separate contract s including swimming pools, water tanks and water retention systems, landscape works and tennis courts etc. We prepare detailed Scope of Works, monitor the quality and progress of the works and coordinate the integration between indoor and outdoor. It is critical to integrate these works with the overall building project.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: Buildwise Projects will prepare a fee proposal to suit your individual circumstances. We can assist you at any stage of a project but ideally we prefer you to engage us before you commence design so that designers are well briefed and costly reworking is not required.

Q: Can you recommend good designers and architects?

A: Yes Buildwise Projects can recommend excellent and competent design professionals, or we can work effectively in with someone you have selected. We have first hand experience of how designers deliver and set deadlines for them. We engage them on your behalf to undertake design works.

Buildwise Projects can put together and manage the right design team for your project.

Q: Can you cost estimate the building works?

A: Buildwise Projects can provide cost estimates as the design progresses so that you know the project is within your target budget.